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Pistol Vault

The original design of the pistol vault was assembled with extruded aluminum from China.  This cutting-edge American company approached TK Metals about engineering a similar product from American steel.  The design was very high tolerance, as well as extremely complex.  The outer enclosure alone contains 17 bends as well as 2 hemming operations.  We provided a working prototype within the week.  Working closely with the customer, we were also able to take enough cost out of the product to be competitive with the overseas market.    For more information, please email

Concrete slurry extraction devices

With the increasing awareness of the need to be "green" with our planet, we are fabricating these products for this country's forward-thinking companies that are spearheading this movement.  These devices extract and reclaim water from concrete cutting and grinding operations instead of polluting the groundwater by dumping.

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"Racetrack" Conveyor

This one was a lot of fun for us.  Made from mostly 1/2" and 3/8" plate steel, this is a conveyor that will stand the test of time.  Measuring in at 56' long and 14' wide, it filled the majority of one of our bays in our 20,000 square foot shop.  Our plasma cutting and weld shop were showcased in this job, which resulted in a very satisfied customer.  

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Heavy-Duty Truck Beds

Made from plate steels ranging from 3/16" to 1/2", these beds are stout!  At 96" wide and 120" long, these were a lot of fun for the guys to put together.  Overall width and length were held to less than 1/32", and the overall squareness to less than 1/16".  

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